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Leveraging our Revolutionary Discovery Platform to Nourish the Planet

With sustainable microbiota-based solutions. At a fraction of the cost.

Aviwell feeds the world

We are now nearly eight billion people on Earth

Millions of people around the world suffer
from malnutrition and are underfed.

The necessary food resources such as cropland,
energy and water grow scarcer and more expensive daily

The marketplace now rewards
natural, healthier solutions.

Consumers place a premium  on a sustainable diet. They demand less pollutants, pesticides and waste products

Based on recent scientific discoveries of the role played by microbiota on animal health and growth

Aviwell addresses these market needs.

Hybrid AI-driven microbiome
discovery platform

Thanks to a unique multifaceted discovery platform

We can discover and develop healthy, natural solutions that orient and improve animal growth.

We have unlocked better ways for the agri-food industry to sustainably feed our growing population.

Using our novel solutions, we plan to feed the planet at a fraction of the cost.

Aviwell has developed a unique and differentiated, 3-part approach to address this opportunity


Leverage our Revolutionary
Hybrid AI-based Discovery Platform


Employ a refined
and adapted biomimicry


Develop a set of diverse, native,
and natural direct-fed microbials

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